Product Design, UI/UX Design
Brand Strategy

Stavros Chatziioannidis 

In Motley we aim to improve the users shopping experience by bridging the gap between the vendor and the consumer through an intelligent shopping application. Additionally, the app provides stron gnavigation features in order to allow the user to easily find what he is looking for even in cases were he wants to purchase very different products.

Motley – ” something consisting of many different types that do not appear to go together”
– Cambridge dictionary

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The Project

The app works as a shopping aggregator with emphasis on ease of use and strong community building features. The app offers the user an overview and comparison of the items available to different vendors while allowing the user to buy the product he is looking for from within the application in order to handle multiple items , coming from different vendors with a single shipping.

The app also offers dynamic content, built around the user preferences, this in addition to favorites and list management provides a very strong level of personalisation


The Process

Initial project included a broad research on market Trends, competitor analysis, market needs and habits, innovative features, usability and of course business requirements. Emphasis had been given to making the user be a part of the show, thats why multiple means to interact and communicate with the producers on air had been given.

The design team made rapid prototyping with involvement of member of the developers team and a member of the clients team.

Smooth onboarding

The application offers a smooth onboarding wizzard, allowing the user to login and select prefered categories, this way motley can provide the most relevant content that will be based on the user preferences.

Voice AI shopping assistant

A voice activated shopping assistant can provide easy access to the product search function and also boost the experience for people facing accesibility issues.

In app Inteface