Web Design, Web Development

Stavros Chatziioannidis – UI/UX Designer

Sunfoods is a a premium fresh produce provider based in Greece operating since the early ‘50s, combining family tradition with contemporary principles of management.
The goal of this project was to design and develop a web site that would promote the brand towards retail sellers and attract new strategic deals for the brand. The design is aiming to capture the freshness it promotes while serving as a place of information about seasonality and regional imports
Mobile adaptation
Through analysis of the visitors of the website we have discovered that the profile of our users are busy business owners with limited time that usually view the website via mobile device( 88%) thus a high priority has been given to a mobile friendly interface.
Custom web application development
A special dynamic map has been designed for the regional imports. The user can select a product by clicking the corresponding button, then the map will highlight the region that this product is imported from allowing the visitors to quickly browse the origins of all the products.